Site Fees

Our users need to be aware of the transparent pricing structure at Let's break down the basic cost of selling an item on our platform:

  1. Listing Fee:

    • Every seller incurs a nominal listing fee when placing an item on auction. This fee covers the cost of showcasing your product to our vibrant community of potential buyers.
  2. Sale Transaction Fee:

    • Upon a successful sale, a percentage-based sale transaction fee is applied. This fee is calculated based on the final sale price of your item. It contributes to the maintenance and continuous improvement of our platform, ensuring a secure and efficient selling environment.
  3. Optional Features and Services:

    • At, we offer optional features and services to enhance the visibility and appeal of your listings. These may include premium placement, highlighting, or additional promotional options. Each optional feature or service comes with its associated fee, providing sellers with the flexibility to tailor their listings.

Our commitment is to maintain a fair and transparent fee structure, empowering sellers with the tools they need to maximize their success on our platform. We encourage sellers to explore the optional features available and choose those that align with their selling goals.

Happy selling!

User Sign-up Fee
Listing Fees
Buy Out
Category Pages Featuring
Classified Setup
Digital Downloads
Make Offer
Highlighted Item
Home Page Featuring
Listing Images
Reserve Price
Short Description
Listing Media
Sale Transaction Fee
[ Free - $1,000.00 ] 5.00%
Sale Transaction Fee
[ $1,000.01 - $10,000.00 ] 4.00%
Sale Transaction Fee
[ $10,000.01 - $1,000,000.00 ] 1.50%
Store Subscriptions
$5.95, recurring every 30 days, 250 listings
$14.95, recurring every 30 days, 1000 listings
$29.95, recurring every 30 days, 20000 listings, featured store